Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

This year’s officers are:

FINS Coordinator- John Trochta

GPSS Senator- Laura Koehn

Curriculum Committee- Madi Gamble, Louisa Harding

Faculty Committee- Charlie Waters, Stuart Munsch

Graduate Student Symposium (GSS) Coordinator- Kelli Johnson, Lee Qi, Mathis Messager

TGIT Coordinator- Brian Leo, Bill Matsubu

Grad Retreat- Madi Gamble, Jessie Hale

Spring Picnic- Katie Moyer, Alicia G, Vincent O. Jobin

Fundraising- Mathis Messager

FINS Website- Vincent O. Jobin

Merchandise- Mike Vlah, Jane Fencl

Treasurer- Pamela Moriarty

Spring Speaker- Hannah Linder, Caitlin Allen, Jessie Hale, Jane Fencl

Research Derby – Emma Hodgson, Peter Kuriama


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